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Book your instant dummy flight ticket for visa application and receive it from dummy ticket online as a PDF attachment via email within 30 minutes.

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Dummy flight

$15Per Person
  • -Applicable for visa application
  • -15 Per person
  • -Up to 5 changes are allowed (for free)
  • - Can be used in specific airports as return ticket.
  • -14 days validity.
  • -Quick delivery - within 30 minutes.
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Dummy hotel booking

Most Popular
$10Per Plan
  • -Applicable visa applications.
  • -$10 per hotel.
  • -Up to 5 changes are allowed (for free)
  • -Verifiable at the Hotel using unique confirmation number.
  • -14 days validity.
  • -Quick delivery – Within 30 minutes
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Dummy Flight + Dummy Hotel Booking

$20Per Month
  • -All dummy flight ticket benefits are applicable.
  • -All dummy hotel booking benefits are applicable.
  • -Reduced price

Why Us

In just a few minutes, you can obtain a dummy flight ticket and hotel reservation to any destination or country. Our competent personnel, acceptable flight reservations, and quick delivery make us the company to choose.

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Dummy ticket booking

You will receive your Dummy Ticket as a PDF attachment via email within 30 minutes.

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Hotel booking

Our hotel bookings serve as proof of accommodation and can be used for visa applications.

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Flight and hotel

If a dummy ticket and hotel reservation are made as part of one plan

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Travel return proof

Ticket with valid PNR and can be verified on airline websites

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14 days validity

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Best Offer Price

We provide best offer price for all our plans


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